Christer Print Information and How To Purchase

A limited selection of my images are available as custom prints,
all printed to museum archival standards.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The prints are pigment archival prints,
printed on state of the art equipment using the highest quality paper available.

The prints are to all intents and purposes indistinguishable
from conventional darkroom silver gelatin prints.


Carbon-Pigment Printing.

"Although I have been a traditional darkroom printer for years,
technology has now reached the point where, in my view,
the latest digital carbon pigment printing processes have surpassed the silver print.

How long will these carbon-pigment B&W prints last? Well, everything ultimately fades in sunlight,
but in comparative fade testing, the carbon pigments do better than pigments rated at 200 years of display life.
In dark storage they do even better. Carbon pigments on cotton should be more stable than the traditional wet darkroom prints
due to the buffered paper that has never had to deal with acidic processing chemicals like the wet darkroom prints.
Carbon pigment writing inks have been found that are over 30 centuries old.
The first image-forming use of carbon pigments may be in the Paleolithic Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc cave in France.
They look rather good after 30,000 years."

Re-printed here with permission by Paul Roark, Master Printer,

I am presently working on updating my site to handle eCommerce.


If interested in acquaring a print of one of my images, simply ask or request a list of available images.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the print you receive, you can return it postpaid and insured.
When the print is received by me or my agent in original undamaged condition,
the price of the print will be refunded to you, less shipping and handling.

Some of these images may be available for stock photo usage.
Prices can be negotiated on a per-use basis or publication quantity factor.
Please contact me for specific details or other information.

I accept credit cards

When ordering, please send a copy of the browser link or screen shot
and I will verify with you by sending a small copy of the image

(Please be aware some images may not be available in all sizes - or at all).

All my prints are Signed and Numbered - if part of a Limited Edition, they are also marked as such.

A few Signed T-shirts ($50 plus $5 shipping, UK) or unsigned ($20 plus $5 shipping, UK) of a few images are also available.

The prints may have a glossy or matte finish.

Payment can be made with major Credit Cards, Cashier's Check or Money Order or by contacting me directly

Depending upon your location, delivery may take longer than normal.
Typically, allow one - two weeks for delivery of your order.
If I encounter a delay at my end, I will notify you via e-mail regarding your order status and updated delivery schedule.


All Photographs Copyright © CHRISTER AKA Christer Rosewell - © All Rights Reserved - Use By Written Permission Only