A Few Comments And Thoughts

about my work...


Dear Christer,

Several months back, I ran into your work as you were visiting my town.

Since then I repeatedly find my way back to your website to view your work.

I just wanted to say thank you.


I was moved by some of your more erotic pieces. In the last couple of years, I have endured cancer diagnosis and treatment and have had problems in my marriage.

I had been shutting down parts of my sensuality, my personality, because life was painful.


Upon seeing your images, most specifically the image of the man and woman embracing

- with well placed legs, the image of the hand on the woman's pelvic region and one of a man and woman up against the wall in the corner.

These images touched me and shocked me into recognizing that I could not and should not shut myself off to all things romantic and erotic.


This is why I revisit your site to view them often, they were part of a very important re-awakening.

I just figured you'd enjoy the feedback from someone so affected by your work.

I am much in awe of your talent, what you've done for these women and of the experiences each of these sessions must have provided.





Hey Christer,


You are the example I always use as the absolute best in artistic photography.

You have taken figure and erotic photography and raised the bar.

There are few photographers who can approach the standard you have set.

It would be a great loss to the art world if you were to stop.

And it would sadden me greatly to loose the images you will create in the future.

The world is not always a pretty place.  It can be ugly and, at times, quite perverse.

But you bring a kind of love and beauty to something that few have the talent or the sensitivity to do.

Sometimes it is the pain we experience that drives us to create great art.  Just my thoughts. 

Take care my friend and please, don't stop shooting.

It would be a great loss to us all.




Subject: Christer...

Your work is so beautiful it makes my heart throb!
How do you bring out that super elusive, deeply secret fantasy woman that most women sees themselves as
but rarely, even the most intimate men in her life even get to glance at?

I'm truly impressed and now I see, just a little bit better,
how the women in your art feel free to free themselves to such rapture
and let them play with some of the deepest fantasies & taboos.

I think your muses must be some of the luckiest women on earth--for a moment,
through the blink of your aperture,
they're heavenly, glowing spirits,
outshining anything in the night sky!    




Your nudes are absolutely amazing,
best new URL I have seen in months.
You are far better than Helmut Newton,
who I am sure you have been compared to once or twice.

Garnet B


Its me John. I wanted to drop you a line so you have my email address.
I hope your trip out to New Orleans was a safe one.

It has been an enlightening experience discovering your art and working with you.
I never imagined in any of my lifetimes I would be flowing through experiences like this.

I want to thank you for your beautiful intention and deep compassion. You have shown me something I didnt really believed exsisted.
You have created honor and respect in the appreciation of the female body. You are a very talented Artist and a wonderful soul.

I am very happy that Missy has found you. You two have already created beauty beyond what I could imagine on print.

Enjoy yourself Christer, sit and soak in the light and honor you have been blessed with.

Be at peace and know that you are evolving consiousness,
helping myriads of souls grow and free themselves from the constraints of repressiion.

Thank you my friend.


John Connor LaMunyon



Your images drew me in.
They spoke to me, they told a tale of desires satisfied,
of contentment and calm
- and somehow intense passion and longing.

And beauty, such beauty.

And laughter.

And a selfless kindness that I have never before encountered.

And a unique vision that sees below the surface.






Subject: Lovely work!


I absolutely love your erotic art.
You demonstrate a great love of the human form and of women in general and, of course, of the art of erotic art. 
In these politically correct times it is rare to find an "artist" who is willing to push the edge as you do.
You may be pushing the edge but isn't that what artists are supposed to do? Nice.

 I can only hope that one day my skill as a photographer and artist will measure up to the high standard you have set.
Thank you for sharing your vision.

Your work is absolutely exquisite!

It's going to take me a long time to go through everything on your site and, I can see, I will also have to become a member as I am now an avid fan.
And hopelessly in love with the images and spirit of your women.

You obviously love women. I mean that in a perceptual sense but also in a spiritual sense, and you definitely show the inner beauty of the "person".

It's often a quality that is hard to capture. I strive to do that in my own meager attempts.
I suspect that you try to show the inner beauty that is frequently hidden from public view because of the current nature of our society.
Now, I may be indulging myself a bit on this point but I see the women that you have photographed as both physically beautiful and, more importantly, spiritually beautiful.

Your representation of them now shows a greater sensitivity and depth than earlier work.
An idealism that seems to be lacking in the work of others who try to show the sensual side of women.
I really love your current work and it demonstrates how you have grown as a photographer and creative artist.

I struggle with my own vision... I want to show women and the most beautiful act between a man and a woman in the best light possible.
I have no use for the hyper realistic images that can be seen on most sites. I am...in my own way...trying to find that vision.
I tend to see only the best in people and, though I am aware of the darker side, I wish only to represent the beauty I see in people (women in particular).
The work you have done with couples is staggering in it's beauty and sensitivity.
Sigh... one day I hope I will find that kind of vision.

I focus, in particular, on the faces of your models.
You manage to capture a "moment" that reflects... passion... love... spirituality... lust (not a bad thing)... maybe all of these human qualities.
I wish I knew how you do it. Experience? Empathy? An innate talent for taking the picture at the right moment?
I don't know. But you can see, in the models eyes, that something is going on that, while we are not a party to it, is intense and personal.
At least that is my impression. Your work is art at its best. It moves the observer and affects the emotions.

My problem with the world I live in is that there is too much focus on the ugly side of life and little attention paid to the beauty.

Well, I could go on and on but I suspect you have more to do than just read my emails.
I honestly wish I had a little closer contact with you. Maybe I hope some of your talent would rub off on me, I don't know.
But I see, in your work, great sensitivity and spirituality.
Maybe it's just me but that is my opinion.

Take care and, if you wish, contact me at any time.
I know you are dealing with many difficult issues right now but just remember that all things change, life IS change and without it we become stagnant, lifeless.
You portray the most intimatly beautiful side of life and I hope you continue with that vision. We really need more of it.

The thing that drew me to your work was your ability to draw out that special quality in a woman.
Your photographs are erotic, sensual and truly beautiful.
A subject, that in any other photographers hands would be considered pornographic, has been rendered by you as a piece of art.
It is a very rare talent that you have.  I know it came from years of hard work and dedication.
But you also demonstrate the empathy needed to portray your women in the best light (no pun intended). 

F. Miller



Subject: STUNNED!

I came across your ad on backpage.com and out of curiousity visited your web site.
Although I could tell pretty quickly that I was not "model material" judging by the flawless appearances of the women in your photographs,
I was so stunned by the brilliance and beauty of your work that I quickly decided that I could not pass up the opportunity to write you an email. 
Actually, the words "beauty" and "brilliance" hardly suffice.  The closest I could come to translating my experience into words would be to call it a spiritual experience.
Photos # 1, 8, 60, 93, 103, 161, 188, 191, and *especially* 252 on the quick peek page resonated with me deeply.
I saw it noted somewhere on your webpage that you capture a 'moment in time', but I thought this to be a vast understatement.
In particular, your work with couples captures more than a moment in time; it captures, celebrates, and immortalizes the energy and splendor of each couple's love on film.
Magnificent.  Moving.  Miraculous.
I'm an art student at ASU, though I've been disenchanted with the art world for some time now.
After taking a class called Art and Cultural Activism and reading Pierre Bourdieu's The Field of Cultural Production,
I came to believe that most of what we term the "fine art" world, a world which I'd always considered sacred, was nothing more than an extension
of our American tendencies toward rampant consumption and cultural elitism.
I viewed most art as cultural capital  - a product to be bought and sold bought and sold to exemplify one's status in society,
but not necessecarily worthy of merit in its own right.
In short, I became jaded once I saw through the fascade of the art industry
and came to believe that being an "artist" was more about knowing how to play the game
and maneuver the art world than it was about creativity or expression.
But then I discovered graffiti art and guerilla art and artists like Shephard Fairey and Robbie Conal
and discovered art for political purposes, art that's used to effect change in the world.
Discovering that genre (though I'm not sure if it's technically art or propaganda) renewed my faith in the art world just a little bit.
And, every so often I see work like yours that truly touches my soul with its power and beauty.....
I just had to take a minute to stop and thank you for sharing your gift with the world.
Your photos absolutely made my day.


Subject: WOW!

Your work is great!  One of the few times I've seen love of art, love of the human body and skill come together so wonderfully.
Your models must be proud of the work you do with them.  Your compositions, lighting, choice of lenses.
I love it!

I am on Augusto's list.  I'm house hunting right now.  Once I get that over, I'd like to purchase some of your work.

If you have an e-list here is my personal email:
(deleted so as not to be harvested by Spammers)

 Cavana Faithwalker
Cleveland Museum of Art


Hi Christer:

Nice to meet you!
WOW - I love your work!!!
Your couples material is especially glorious.
We'd be thrilled to start working with you.
Would you be interested in doing an exhibition at Michelle7 or Michelle7-Erotica??

We could certainly showcase your work at both sites if you'd like,
but if it's only one I would suggest Michelle7-Erotica.

You are one of those rare beings capable of shooting erotica with an artist's skill ...
and that puts you in very exclusive company.

Sincerely yours,
Jack Gilbert


To: Christer@ChristerArt.com

just checked out your site and your work is incredible!
- just as everyone has said!

It has style and grace and beauty and class and even a little bit of naughtiness....but playfulness too:)

I adore it all...I was very, I AM very impressed and would love
to work with you love:)
thanks again!

p. angel

damn - you're good!!!




Oh my God Christer....

that image is Beautiful.-My Lord it's nothing but pure pure BEAUTY!!!!- I LOVE it!

I'm in love with it!!!- I swear I looked at it a million times before I could even turn away to write this e-mail to you!

I love the lighting-it's perfect-I think it's neat how just a bit of light is cast on the woman
so that your main focus is her wonderful figure behind that white webish type thing that forms right to her body....

it's so neat it seriously looks like she's caught in a web...a web of beauty.

When you look at it it's hard to look away because well...
I personally found myself staring at it wondering if the longer I stared at it maybe the more I would see..

There is so much movement in that image though it's a still picture.
Wow Christer...I just find it so amazing and amuzing...the things you come up with.

Love, Heather


Hi, I met you this previous weekend outside of the Apple store and I just wanted to say that after viewing your website I am honored I got to meet you.
Your art work is absolutely sensual and beautiful. I will be referring a couple of collectors I am acquainted with to your site.
Take care and please never give up on your obsession for great art work.



p.s. I saw some of your recent pieces...words are too confining...



Subject: Incredible Quality

Just a note to tell you how impressed I am.

Man! To be able to follow you around for a month and observe
would probably be the best learning tool I can imagine.

This is the best I've seen on the web. Very inspiring! Thanks!

D.R. Henson  



this is offlist cuz it's off-topic. Your work is exquisite.
I got totally lost in your website. Your affection for your subjects, and for the
entire process, is luminous. You were able to imbue what could have been
borderline tasteless or voyeuristic with a sweetness and poetry that blew
my mind. I''ve bookmarked it and will keep up with your work. Moving now so
not buying (dang - always something) but I wanted to voice my appreciation
for the work of a unique artist with a big heart.



Subject: Beautiful photography!

Dear Sir, That is some excellent photography. Truly erotic and tasteful.
All of your work is legitimate and interesting. Thank you!
I also love the way your site works very much,

Greg Schuck



Congratulation Chris, great site!

I really enjoyed going through your site. Plenty of creative ideas and nice images.
I appreciated also that you showed erotic photos in a very delicate way, which I know it is difficult.
It will be recorded as one of the best site of nude fine art.
Best regards,

Carlo Sinigagliesi - Italy



 Absolutely Beautiful Work: Kudos!

Michael Fox


Christer ~ I found your images very emotional and thought-provoking.

I sat very still and soaked each woman in ... her individual beauty allowed me to pause,
and reflect upon my own. Thank you for your gift.
And thank you for sharing with me. ~

Tina Leanne Waugh




Your photos speak to me. They say: "This is a man who really loves women! Your photographs exudes sensuality.
They are beautiful and I was really moved by them. The light and values are exquisite!
You have captured the essence of the female form."

Joanne, New York, NY.




The site is fantastic. Fantasy & realty interlocked.
The blond with short hair is really striking & the woman with brown hair in the dining room.
The site is FANTASTIC."

George, Mesa, AZ




I'm very touched by your pictures. So many way of work, so many different way to see body, light, mouvement.
It's really one of the most interesting site i've ever seen about nude photographie.
I'm a photographer too, and i tried to make some picture with simple light and body
but what i saw on your site really show how this work could be approched.
Thanks o lot and i'll take time to see all your pictures.
Hope to meet you on the net and having something to show you.
Bye !

Nicolas.Sainte-Luce, France




Your work is mesmerizing! What else can I say?
I know that the two true proofs that one is a true photographer are that, 1:
He never shows anyone his junk stuff; and, 2: He can blow dust off his lens without spitting on it.
Your photographs transcend that level and reflect the eye and skill of a true artist.

Darrell McClanahan Oklahoma Photographer



Subject: FANTASTIC!!

Great Great Work....
Wish i could be transformed into such beautiful work....
From London - UK




 Subject: Figure Photo gallery

Just dropped to convey my deep appreciation of your nude photography.
Your take on movement and light is impeccable. Being a digital artist just starting,
it seems some were actually digitally enhanced, as in FA015 and FA025.
Other seemed hand painted. Still others showed great selective focus technique.

Really exquisite work. I know, believe me;
my father is a well known plastic arts painter, Manuel San Miguel Griffo,
and I have learned a great deal from him.

Once again, thank you for wonderfully fine art work!
Truly yours,

Manuel San Miguel Hernández



Subject: Image Submission Invitation

Dear Mr. Rosewell ,

I have recently viewed your website and am very interested in including some of your images in a new book title, 'Nudes',
which is part of the 'Better picture Guide' series. The 'Better Picture Guide' is a highly popular series produced by RotoVision SA,
a Visual Arts publisher based in the UK. Using exemplary work by photographers from all over the world, the series explores photographic
techniques through a wide range of subjects. The forthcoming title 'Nudes' will be the sixth in the series.

We expect to use already-published work from your files but we also welcome creative and personal work. The contributers will be fully credited,
with a biography and contacts at the back of the book. The series is circulated worldwide and most titles are co-published in other languages as well.

If you are interested in submitting material please reply to me by email as soon as possible or send the images directly to the editor at:

Angie Patchell



Subject: Comments

I am just moved to comment that FA001 is the most beautiful nude photograph I can recall seeing.
I am not much as a photographer but I did study photo editing on-the-job with Wilson Hicks (the first picture editor of Life Magazine and later its executiveeditor)
while I was executive editor of Southern Living Magazine a long, long time ago. I do appreciate good photos.




Subject: Masked Raphaelle

Chris, if you are interested in the opinion of an amateur here you have mine.
This is the finest image I have seen in a long time. I try to think of some weaknesses or ways to have improved it and I find none

|The model must have been very artistic herself, or else must have had excellent guidance. Reminds me of a ballet dancer in Swan's Lake.
The posture, spread arms, arched body make her appear vulnerable and wounded. The grain, warm hue, and blurred image all work together
perfectly to make this image so very poetic.
Congratulations to both of you.

Pascal Ligdas



"Dear Christer,

The parts of your work I liked most are "fine art-nudes" and "women" because I love the way you are picturing
female bodies giving them grace and harmony but still keeping that touch of erotic. (forgive my bad english)"

Laura, Hamburg, Germany



"Surfed in -- ended up staying about 45 minutes.

Favorite photo - F023. Thanks!"

Jim from New Hampshire


Hi There

"Just visited your site and just wanted to say want an excellent photographer you are."

Robin Smith, Australia




(The following email was sent to "digphot gallery" <digphot@hotmail.com>
a website maintained by Kent-Åke - a dear friend of mine who does wonderful stuff of his own -
do go there and look at his work.
There is a link to his website at the end of Women and Erotica Galleries.
He has created a Guest Gallery and done some absolutely stunning things with some of my images).:

To: <digphot@hotmail.com>
Subject: Chris Rosewell Gallery
" I thought the images were beautiful, tastefully done and of a sophisticated erotica ilk.
Nudes can be a double edged sword, so to speak,
in that the finished product can walk a fine line between art and something much less!
Chris(ter) has elevated his art to a higher plane and yet still titillate.
Congratulations for displaying his work."

Linda, Washington, DC.



Your photographs and your web site are excellent !!! Very inspirational !




Subject: Best Nudes on Earth

Dear Christer;

May I show one of your nudes, the "april305.jpg", in a new site of mine called "Best Nudes on Earth"?
I can provide a link to your website, an email address, etc., so people can contact you if they wish to buy a print.
This URL is under construction, but should work: https://www.condotiere.com/best_nudes/index.htm

Frank Wallis




Surfing from my office I took a look at your women&erotica pages.
Well, I've never seen any better photos of bodies! It's real art!

Giannis Tzoumaris, Athens, Greece



Subject: Beautiful!

Ho visitato il tuo sito e ti voglio fare i miei vivi complimenti.
Mi piacciono le tue foto.

GB Sambuelli



Subject: your site

Lovely site . . just thought i'd say so .. . the fine arts/erotica is absolutel fantastic . . .
How about a series of Men , with the same attitude ?
Thanks for developing your talents.

Andrew Tipton



Subject: Use of pictures in a book

Hello! My name is Deb Gurney and I'm assisting Tanja Crouch, writer/producer for the 2 hour Bravo documentary and companion book on Swing.
We were interested in the photos on page 6 of your Web Site. If you'd like to have a few of these pictures in a book, you may contact us by email or phone/fax at 615-778-9701.
We would like to know the names of the musicians as well. Tanja will list your contact info, too!
I appreciate your time and participation in the This Joint is Jumpin' project. Take care,

Deb Gurney



Subject: Your site

Having worked for quite some time with Christian Vogt -- you might know his books, among them 'In Camera' --
I haven't seen since a long time pictures that made me feel so comfortable with their sensuality.|
BTW pic W 156 is among my favorites.
Thank you:

Jean-Pierre Salzmann (jps1031@pacbell.net)





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